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People First:

For various events of the company, people are always put at the focus. Chinalco relies on all the staff to create a harmonious working environment. Therefore, encouraging the staff to give scope to their initiative and creativity, work hard and innovate to make the company stronger is much stressed. Strive for Excellence and Strength through Hardworking and Innovation. It is Chinalco’s wish to improve the quality of our products and services, meeting customer needs and improve the working and neighboring environment for our staff and guaranteeing good health of our staff and neighboring residents.

Prevention Foremost:

It is our firm belief that all accidents could be avoided. Chinalco observes the related laws and regulations of the country and region where we operate, takes forceful measures to build a solid foundation for quality assurance, occupational heath and sound environment through working on all possible factors like people, machine, material, law enforcement and environment initiative. The company intends to eliminate potential hazards for occupational safety and environment-polluting elements. It works hard to promote clean production, provide first-class products and services, and strive for zero accidents, injury and pollution.

Sustained Improvement:

The establishment and implementation of quality and HSE management system requires long-term efforts with no ending. It requires participation and efforts of all staff with their constant improvement to meet the goal of sustained development. It requires improvement of the working style according to the changing external environment and internal needs, so as to always provide the first-class products and services and benefit all the staff and society.

Harmonious CHINALCO:

Through establishment, implementation, maintenance and sustained improvement of the QHSE management system, through constant improvement of products and services quality and performance indicators of occupational safety and environment, Chinalco is working hard to achieve harmony among the company, customers, staff and communities, and promote sustained development of the company.

Management Goal:

In order to achieve sustained improvement of QHSE performance in compliance with QHSE policies, we solemnly undertake to:

·Abide by laws, regulations and other requirements of the quality, occupational health, safety and environment of the countries and regions where we operate;

·Put quality, occupational safety and environment first for operation and management;

·Provide QHSE training and cultivate QHSE culture;

·Ensure that all staff observe QHSE principles, and behave in conformity with regulations. QHSE is listed as an important indicator for performance evaluation;·Attend to Stakeholders;

·Promote clean production, develop circular economy and build a resource-efficient enterprise;

·Conscientiously fulfill the company’s social responsibilities and establish sound relations with communities;

·Disclose QHSE performance to society in a frank manner;

·Make sustained improvement.

Management Goals for Chinalco Headquarters:

1、Fulfill its functions set in QHSE;

2、Adopt first inquiry accountability system;

3、Ensure 85% of customer satisfaction at the least;

4、Guarantee zero personal accidents for first-aid injury or above;

5、Minimize waste of resources and energy;

6、Provide 100% monitoring on major risks and environment elements. 

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