Alumina is the primary raw material for production of aluminum ingot. Featuring light dusting, good liquidity, fine solubility, and strong absorption of fluoride, it is used for producing aluminum metal with molten salts electrolytic methods and is the important raw material for producing corundum, ceramic and refractory materials. Chalco Shangdong branch, Henan branch, Guizhou branch, Shanxi branch, Guangxi branch and Zhongzhou branch all produce alumina with total capacity of 9 million tons per year.

All the branches of Chalco produce alumina in conformity with the national nonferrous industry standard or YS/T274-1998.

The National Nonferrous Metals Industry Standard for Alumina,YS/T274-1998 is shown as follows:

TypeChemical Components %
AL2O3 no less than Impurities no more than
SiO2Fe2O3Na2OBurn Loss
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