Rare Metals and Rare Earth

While working hard to make the aluminum segment big and strong, Chinalco also actively expands to other nonferrous metals sectors and has gradually built production and processing capability for rare metals and rare earth products represented by molybdenum, titanium, gold, silver, lead, zinc, zirconium, tungsten, tantalum, niobium, hafnium and nickel. Among these, molybdenum and its alloy products are widely used in many important industries such as metallurgy, agriculture, electric, chemical, environment and aerospace, and enjoy a bright future. It has become an important raw material and irreplaceable strategic material in national economy. Titanium and its processing products are extensively used in aviation and aerospace, petrochemical, metallurgical, power, sports and tourist industries. It has gradually become the key and supporting material for engineering and high-tech industries. Other rare metals are also playing a critical role in national economy.

Titanium Tube
Nickel and Nickel Alloy Ingot
Titanium Plate
Zirconium AlloyMolybdenum FoilMolybdenum Rod
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