Fabricated Aluminum Products

Chinalco has already formed 6 pillars of aluminum materials for fields of aviation and aerospace, transportation, packaging, printing, electronics and electrical appliances, and construction and decoration, covering over 30 categories, over 100 alloys, over 1000 types and over 14000 specifications. The main products are aluminum plate, strip, foil, tube, bar, profiles and module forgings, free die forgings, die castings, aluminum welded tube, aluminum-lithium alloy, high-temperature alloys, and color-painted steel strip, etc. The company owns advanced technology and equipment, covering comprehensive product series and is the largest of its kind in Asia. Its products are widely used in all sectors of the national economy.

Main fabricated aluminum products of Chinalco are as follows in terms of type, variety, purpose and producer


Main Varieties

Main Purpose



thin plate、median plate、thick sheet、normal plate

aviation and aerospace, transportation, electrical appliance and instruments, decoration, daily consumption

Southwest Aluminum, Northwest Aluminum, China Aluminum Ruimin, China Aluminum Henan


aluminum plastic strip、billets for aluminum foil, billets for decoration、 can stock billets

construction, decoration and printing

Southwest Aluminum, Northwest Aluminum, China Aluminum Ruimin, China Aluminum Henan


double zero foil、single zero foil、heavy gauge foil

electrical appliance、package for food and medicine

Southwest Aluminum, Northwest Aluminum, China Aluminum Ruimin, China Aluminum Henan


thin tube、thick tube、special tube 

aviation and aerospace, transportation, electrical and mechanical manufacturing, medical equipments

Southwest Aluminum, Northwest Aluminum


diameter over 5mm

aviation and aerospace、transportation, power, mechanical manufacturing

Southwest Aluminum, Northwest Aluminum


industrial profile, construction profile

aviation and aerospace, transportation, power and construction

Southwest Aluminum, Northwest Aluminum


die forging 、wire、aluminum powder, aluminum paste

aviation and aerospace、transportation、electrical manufacturing, rivet welding、 spray painting

Southwest Aluminum, Northwest Aluminum

High-precision Aluminum Coil

Large-size Ring Forging for Strap-on Rocket


Forgings for Boeing Airplane

Aluminum Plate
Aluminum Wheel
Caster Coil
Large-size Coil
Profiles for Subway Train
Aluminum-Lithium Ring Forgings for Shenzhou Spacecraft Serie>
Forgings for Engine
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